SkyBlue Security – Securing Identity and Data in your Azure and 365 Clouds

Could Security Healthcheck

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Detect, Automate, Respond

The cloud is a complex please, but the focus from a security perspective needs to follow three main
requirements, Identity, Data and Application.

SkyBlue Security have extensive experience in helping organisations understand their security posture and risks in the cloud, developing recommendations and cloud security roadmaps though our Cloud Security Healthcheck service.

Experts in Microsoft EM+S, SkyBlue Security provide support, guidance and configuration – enabling your organisation to make sure users, devices and data stays and remains secure in your Azure and 365 Clouds

SkyBlue Security offers support to Migrate, Build, Mature and monitor your Clouds, utilising the power of Microsoft’s Cloud SIEM, Sentinel. Utilising proven MITRE ATT&CK Threat and risk based strategies to help direct and tune your monitoring capabilities. Save money, time and effort and simply bring your SOC/MSS in house.

Our Services


  • Actionable Threat Intelligence; Alerting
  • Full access to our comprehensive Operations, Intelligence and Hunting Knowledge Bases
  • ‘Enhanced’ Assured Content
  • ‘On Demand’ Malware Analysis
  • SOC Workflow Automation Capability
  • Extended SOCĀ  Automation and Orchestration Capabilities with Syphon Server
  • Breach Reporting

Assured Content

  • Access to our online library of assured, ‘Threat Ready’ Monitoring and Threat Intelligence lead Content
  • Compatible with the world’s leading monitoring tools
  • Three options to fit your requirements and budget
  • Triage processes ‘built in’
  • Threat alerting
  • Automation of Analyst prioritisation and escalation workflow
  • Get to grips with your Security Posture with a Cloud Security Healthcheck
  • Focus on protecting against your real adversaries with Actionable Threat Intelligence and MITRE ATT&CK aligned secuirty monitoring
  • Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of your SOC/MSS leveraging Microsoft Sentinel with intelligent workflow automation and orchestration capability
  • Develop policy based, conditional controls supporting validated user and device access to data, using the key principal of ‘least priviledge’

SkyBlue Security Consulting

Providing industry leading expertise the in fields of Azure and 365, Threat Intelligence, Security Monitoring and Operations Automation, SkyBlue Security offer specialist advice to ensure that your Cloud Security Posture is effective. Our approach ensures both users and devices are validated before accessing data in the cloud leveraging the core ‘Zero Trust’ Principle of Least Priviledge, and helps ensure data can only be used in an approved way.

Offering vendor agnostic advice based on decades of experience in Cloud Security and Security Monitoring, SkyBlue Security provides tactical and strategic advice to rapidly improve your Cloud Security Posture and Security Monitoring capability.

  • Strategic Cloud Consulting

    We can help you build a Cloud Strategy or a details implementation roadmap

  • SOC Consulting

    SOC Strategy, Roadmap and Architecture

  • Cloud Controls Baseline

    Identify your Cloud Security Posture today and develop a clear roadmap to better risk mitigation

  • Cloud SIEM

    Leverage the power of Microsoft Sentinel and SkyBlue Security SOC Services to reduce the TCO of your SOC

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