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SOC Strategy Workshop

Is your SOC or Managed Security Service Provide (MSS) delivering value?

Do you know which SOC model suits your organisation best? There are myriad factors that help determine which model works best for your organisation; financial, threat, infrastructure, data, regulatory, legal etc

Are you able to effectively integrate your Cloud Security Monitoring needs with your existing ‘on prem’ SIEM/SOC?

Cloud Security Monitoring comes with a whole different set of monitoring requirements, especially in SaaS environmets which you don’t own the network, infrastructure or applications – Identity and Data are the key factors.

Our SOC Strategy workshop leverages years of experience in helping clients develop effective strategies to build effective and efficient cyber defences, tailored to their organisation’s threat profile, IT landscape and partners.

We deliver a comprehensive assessment and roadmap with a series of recommendations to provide assurance that your organisation is in a good place, or provide guidance and advisory if you are unsure which direction you should be going in.

Supporting your SOC Transformation

Maybe you’ve chosen the way forwards, are in the process of insourcing, or even outsouring your SOC.

Now the challenge is toenusre the move is smooth, there are no gaps in capability and the outcome is truly effective.

If you are moving to an outsourced model, or moving providers:

It is extremely easy to be led astray by an Managed Services Partner, especially if they are new to your organisation and you are looking to them almost exlusively for guidance and advice.

They will only advise around what services they offer, not necessarily what’s best for your organisation.

We have many years experience in holding Managed Service Providers to account, helping ensure better value for our clients, with support from RFI/RFP, through to contract negotiations, migration planning and execution, and ongoing services delivery management, even comprehensive troubleshooting support if you think that something is just not right.

We support your organisation in providing advice or can help your business through the pain of a migration, ensuring your chosen partners are delivering to the contract right through the process.

If you are insourcing your SOC, moving away from an MSS:

We can help. We have extensive experience in building In House SOCs, for some of the largest and most complex organisations.

Bringing your SOC back In House (or starting a new build) is a big decision, and a significant financial commitment – one not to be taken lightly and one you need to get right.

From initial design, commercial planning, skills requirements, processĀ  development, risk and threat alginment ,SkyBlue can help you navigate this smoothly and ensure success – ensuring your SOC is aligned to your business, and is both proven to be both effective and efficient at detecting both known and unknown threats.

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